Info Steward is the studio and consultancy of Randall "Randy" Kemp. A studio where creativity, experimentation, and questions combine in supportive engagement with partners, clients, and supporters towards achieving desired goals for transformation.

Top Line: stewarding disparate knowledges while co-creating strategic action to achieve shared outcomes.

Purpose: Individual, family, organizational, and community transformation through deep listening to partner, constituent, and local voices.


  • Strategic Planning: Co-develop effective strategies based on desired outcomes.
  • Program Evaluation: Review programs and projects in light of intended outcomes.
  • Research: Desk, academic, survey, business: all types of research.
  • Information Organization: Ordering the chaos of data collection.
  • Project Management: Overseeing tasks, timelines, and people.
  • Community Development: Connecting people and purposeful causes.
  • Active Listening: Intentionally open ears.
  • Grant Writing and Administration: Author successful proposals and manage grant-making.

Core Professional Values

  • a humble, servant-minded team of people
  • diversity of ideas, people, experiences, perspectives
  • seeking transformation of individuals, communities
  • an international scope in a neighborhood context
  • also, people who embody an expansive mindset, intelligence, compassion, clear communication, and a willingness to fail

Core Attributes

  • a listener who asks probing questions and ingests the responses
  • information organizer gathering data with intentionality who can see patterns in the chaos
  • discerning, strategic, analytical, synthesizer

These three attribute clusters flow into and out of each other in cyclical patterns throughout the work life cycle.

Manifest in Several Roles

  • information curator, librarian, knowledge manager
  • strategy development and refinement
  • program evaluator
  • project manager
  • researcher, writer, teacher
  • grants manager
  • system admin, database admin, web developer
  • multi-day adventure trip designer and guide

At any given point I embody multiple roles simultaneously as they are actualized in specific jobs and contracts. Those job titles include librarian, chief information officer, information steward, program officer, grants manager, researcher, teacher, and independent consultant, often in the international development arena.

I work with and for nonprofits/NGOs, foundations, academic institutions, government entities, and global networks. In addition to the roles and positions listed above and on my CV/resume (Kemp - CV - PDF | LinkedIn profile), I am a husband, father of two, an outdoorsman, and a pilgrim on a trek.

As a consultant, researcher, student, and volunteer I have traveled abroad extensively for research, consultations, conferences, and meetings (often in multiple languages with translation). These locations include cities in...

  • Africa: Cape Town, Dar es-Salaam, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Tunis
  • The Americas: Bogotá, Brasilia, Mexico City, Ottawa, San José, Santiago, Toronto
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Delft, Dublin, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Salzburg
  • Asia/Australia: Melbourne, born in Manila

Fields of Interest

  • justice and equity for those encumbered with imbalance such as power, wealth, and income; includes women/girls, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and stateless
  • climate change impact
  • intersection of international relations, global networks, international organizations, faith, information society, technology
  • meta philosophical life questions

For a peek at my family and myself, see the (somewhat dated) video on wilderness I filmed and edited.

I also enjoy taking pictures, playing the bass guitar, reading, backpacking, hiking, biking, and watching football (soccer) and movies.