Towards a Balanced Fiscal Data Ecosystem

Key elements of a balanced fiscal data ecosystem may be overlooked during the rush and excitement of sharing a stand-alone dataset or launching a new web data portal or releasing a visually appealing graphic.

Focus on purpose and workflows rather than the shiny object

Stated Belief: the why and the workflow are fundamental when selecting a technological tool to manage information flow.

Collaborative document creation tools to meet a set of values and requirements

Consider the scenario of co-authoring a document among more than one person and fewer than a dozen or so, with people dispersed across multiple time zones, and all with a fairly reliable Internet connection.

Berms for Information Privacy

We like to believe our berms keep prying and accidental eyes out of our information yard.

Thoughts on self-managed and third-party-hosted data stores

Data, the raw goods of the information economy, is expensive to create, organize, sift through, and disseminate.