Digital and Analog Presence

Creatives, nonprofits, small business owners, and others connect with audiences, clients, customers, and partners through various digital and analog communication channels. Determining your intended purpose of those communications and the appropriate selection of channels is an important step: one requiring thoughtful exploration. Info Steward is your thought partner.

Questions to Ponder


  1. Who are you attempting to reach?
  2. How local or global is your audience?
  3. What languages does your audience read, listen, and speak?
  4. What information is your audience seeking?
  5. How does your audience like to engage in an online and an analog environment?
  6. What communication channels does your audience typically use?

Information Assets

  1. What is the general topic of the information content you are sharing?
  2. How frequently are you sharing information? How will this level change over time: grow or shrink?
  3. In what formats is your information?
  4. How much control and ownership of your information and intellectual property do you wish to retain?

Level of Effort

  1. How technically comfortable are you with various online platforms?
  2. How much energy do you wish to invest in publishing, reviewing, commenting, and updating information?
  3. How many distribution channels will you enjoy using?
  4. How "always online and available" do you want to be?
  5. How willing are you to outsource managing your information publishing work flow?